Mission Bound

  with Joel & Terri

Working under the umbrella of Mission Bound, Joel and Terri run a Fiji Charitable Trust called Ruel Foundation (Fiji). RFF was an already existing trust that the Shafer's took over in late 2018. It took 12 months to get everything properly transferred and able to legally function. RFF was originally an organization focused solely on the care of Cleft Lip & Cleft Palate (CLCP) children. The mission is now revamped and is prepared to help those in need practically, physically, emotionally and spiritually. This broad description allows both Joel and Terri to use their skills while working within the Fiji Government parameters AND to continue with Mission Bound's original mission, which is to help those who spread the Gospel.  

2018 in Review with RFF

Ruel Foundation (Fiji) - CLCP

His Work Our Hands

It is common to find patients that are beyond surgical treatment. If that is the case, there is an option to have a dental obturator custom made with the help of the Loloma Foundation. In 2019 the first patient, Adi, received her custom fitted obturator and she has been sporting a beautiful smile since and singing bright and loud at church for all to hear!!

Three more patients, who fit within the same scenario, may be able to find the same help in 2020! The youngest patient being only 9 years old!

Currently, within the CLCP department, in the Ruel Foundation (Fiji) database, there are approximately 350 patients being tracked through the on-going stages of CLCP treatments. Unfortunately, many are unreachable.  Communication systems are just not what they are in the developed countries. RFF is currently working with local national volunteers to try and reconnect with ALL of these patients and find others who Ruel may have never met. 

In the past year we have found three adult patients who have never received treatment or have only had partial treatments and several children who have not been able to seek treatment due to the cost to reach such care.

In March 2019 sixteen CLCP patients were arranged for physical exams, speech therapy and surgical treatment with the visiting non-government organization (NGO) Interplast from Australia & New Zealand. There are hopes that this number will grow with the upcoming visits from Interplast and other NGO's.